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My Photo Group is a south-western Connecticut based photography group. If you are local to us and looking to get together for some fun photo sessions to add to and improve your photography or your portfolio then this group may be right for you.

Browse through the site to see what our group is about. To see if our group is for you, start with "Is this group for me?". You might also want to view some of our past meet ups to get an idea of what we have done.

Our goal is to turn ideas into meet ups, meet ups into usable images and ultimately make friends along the way. All skill levels are welcomed although this group is geared towards the dSLR shooter. However, that does not mean point-and-shoot and 3/4 camera users can't be involved. All are welcome.
We are working at being a member motivated group and encourage advanced photographers to help coach the beginners. If there's an event you want to promote, feel free to contact us. We can set up an event on the calendar and designate you as the host. All we ask is that you communicate clearly with the membership and follow through with the event. To learn more, read about our "Share, Learn, Grow" program.
Partnership is also important to this group. We work closely with other area photography groups and encourage our members to participate in those groups as well. Currently we have a close working relationship with the following groups (in no particular order).
  • Mid-CT Photography Meetup Group - They welcome all levels of photographers and foster an atmosphere of learning, sharing and, most of all, fun! They have monthly meetings to provide a classroom-like learning environment as well as photo shoots. Their goal is to provide a variety of shoots so that there is something for everyone and to encourage members to try something new.
  • Shutter-Buds - Focusing on the fun and artistic aspects of photography, this group offers a little something for everyone. While not everyone can make it to an event, Shutter-Buds addresses this by offering many on-line events and by the collaborative sharing of ideas.
  • Photography Workshops and Strobist Off-Camera Flash - This group is dedicated to learning and teaching the art of photography and off-camera flash through the workshop format. Bob Harrington is a local pro with a flare of making learning a fun and enjoyable venture.
  • Milford Photography Group - Supported and operated by one of the area's best photography stores (IMO) and their resident 'good guy' Jesse Thompson. This meet up group offers fun meet ups, shoot-a-bouts & workshops. All skill and experience levels welcome!
Models are a needed part of any photo group and we are always looking for new faces to photograph. If you are interested in modeling then please read our "models needed" page for additional information. There is additional legal information about model/photographer rights at "Model-Photographer: Terms of Use Agreement".

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