Pro Studio Photo Shoot

It all started with a grand idea.

Set up a large scale photo shoot with multiple stations, multiple models and a variety of lights for members to use and experience. Invite qualified members to showcase their talents manning the stations and, heavy sigh, hope for the best.

It took months of planning, hours of late nights and the coordination of many people but, I have to admit, it was all well worth the planning. Everyone who put in their effort helped to make this first big event a roaring success. All the stops were pulled and everyone came through far beyond expectations. Far beyond expectations.

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the people responsible for making this an awesome day; Sue Fenton, our co-producer and founder of Shutter Buds who's organizational skill made this possible; our photographers, Ed Daly, Jeff Dutton, Mike Grabowski, Bob Harrington, Massimo Nitardi and Sanjeev Suri, who put in their due diligence to make sure our models were well lit and our shooters learned something about their stations; our models, Noreen Adams, Mark Carotenuto, Megan Comerford, Renee Patrece and Christine Vaughan, whom without a subject our photographers would have nothing to photograph.

Except for a few behind the scene glitches, the day went off without a hitch. Sue gave a welcome speech, introduced the crew and the day was kicked off. Jeff gave a wonderful lecture about working with models, or photo subjects in general, and then it was off to the races. Attendees got into groups and made their way through the first set of photo stations.

The excitement was definitely tangible in the room. The smiles were infectious and the photos people were getting were just outstanding. As I walked around I could tell that people were sharing and enjoying each others company. The discussions were focused and the energy was high.

At noon we took a break for lunch then it was back to the fun. I gave a short discussion on light fall of and the photographers were back for the second round of stations. By the end of the day it was evident that people were exhausted. A quick Q&A and the day was wrapped up. A room full of very happy but very tired photographers went home and a successful day came to a close.

Now, I have to go soak my sore feet. See you on the next one...


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