All about photo licensing

The American Society of Media Professionals (ASMP) is an organization whose goal is to empower and educate professional publication photographers. The following three goals are directly quoted from their web site.

The Three Purposes of ASMP
  • To protect and promote the interests of independent photographers whose works are primarily for publication.
  • To maintain and promote high professional standards and ethics in photography.
  • To cultivate friendship and mutual understanding among professional photographers.
The reason I bring this organization up is because of the invaluable resources they have to offer to photographers on their web site. I found their information on image licensing to be particularly interesting and I wanted to share this resource with you. In a series of articles ASMP outlines the definition of the types of licenses and how they apply in a photographer's market. They outline how to price your work, explain how to write a license agreement and offer suggestions on how to sell your clients the idea of a license.

To learn more about image licensing, copyright laws, trademarks, social media, pricing guides and more go to their Business Resources section.

Hope this information helps.

My Photo Spot is not affiliated with ASMP and receives no remuneration for the promotion of their site or services. This information is based solely on personal opinion and is meant for educational purposes only.


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