Poi Fire Dancing - a MPG meet up

There is a mystical allure connected with fire. Something about it attracts us to it. It mesmerizes and dares us to challenge it. It can't be fully controlled but it doesn't stop us from trying to do so. Ultimately you will get burned by it. It's unavoidable.

When the opportunity to create a meet up with performers who routinely challenge fire came my way, I had to jump at it. Photographing fire adds another layer of challenge to the whole control issue yet there is a safety in knowing there is some separation between us, as photographer, and the heat of the flames.

We had the good fortune to have intimate access to a group of fire performers who were willing to showcase their talents for the camera. Ravenbane's Fire Craft is a local troupe of fire performers led by the charismatic Shane Ravenbane. He and his group pulled all the stops for us for this meet up.

Unlike a regular performance where the performers go from one practiced routine to another, these guys and gals interacted with our members for the sole purpose of photographing fire in all its raw action. At times they slowed their routine so much that they felt the sting of the flames for it. For that, I am truly grateful for them and their patience and willingness to cater their show for us.

Unfortunately the weather leading up to the weekend was lousy and there was a serious threat of rain for the day. However, the rains held off and backup plans for moving the show indoors was discarded. I think had the weather cooperated more we would have had a larger audience.

So much fun was had by both photographers and performers that the event went much further into the evening than originally planned. It seemed no one wanted to leave the party. Perhaps with enough interest we may just have to repeat this event in the Spring.

Check out the images from that day's event in the Poi Fire Dancing photo album on the meet up site.


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