Monday, October 1, 2012

Boston's Quincy Market and Salem - a MPG meet up

There is something about the history and architecture of Boston that is appealing and not just on a photographic level. Thinking back on my high school history classes it is a humbling experience to know that our modern American history had a major turning point on the very same streets and buildings that we visit today.

Diane and I have been to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market many times in the past. Nevertheless, I always seem to find something new and interesting to look at and explore. That is one reason I enjoy returning to Boston on these types of day trips.

Saturday's journey to Boston proved to be quite enjoyable even with the threat of rain. Fortunately it eventually held off and created the most perfect light for a photo expedition.

We arrived in downtown Boston close to 11:00am. No sooner had we disembarked from the rental van when everyone broke out their cameras and started taking pictures. It was a good sign to see that everyone was excited about the day and was looking forward to capturing the sights. A short walk to the market area and we were soon in front of Faneuil Hall. The crowds were not too bad and the there were several characters in the courtyard. I guess the threat of rain proved to be more in our favor than originally though. the only downside was that some of the entertainment acts may have cancelled.

Quincy Market is known for their street performers. You will find everything from musicians to jugglers, historical re-enactors to living statues and everything in between. Some are paid while others make their fare through tips. Aside from the three or four actors in period costuming I really didn't see much going on. As the day progressed, however, I did noticed more performers appearing.

The wonderful thing about this particular event is that it offers everyone a variety of shooting subjects within a short walking distance. If you are into architecture there are plenty of historical buildings as well as modern structures to photograph. Landscapes and cityscapes are also available though some careful planning may be needed being we were in an urban area. If street  photography is your thing there is no better place than the market area itself. With the number of tourists and performers, vendors and employees there is bound to be many interesting things to capture.

We all dispersed to find our interests with the understanding that we would reconvene for lunch at a given time. Diane and I stuck around for a little while before making our way inwards. Throughout the day we would run into a group member, share thoughts, explore options and head of again to do our own thing. The day went by rather carefree.

After several hours we reconvened and opted to take a short ride North to Salem. A few members, Diane and myself had never been there and we were excited to see something new. The touristy section was interesting and we could see the early preparations for their famous Halloween season display. I can see the attraction this area would have during the height of Halloween.

Our stay in Salem was short as most of us were beginning to tire. The decision was made to find something to eat and then journey back home. Kelly's restaurant was suggested and we soon found ourselves cozily crowded into a couple of booths. I don't know if it was because I was hungry but the food was fantastic. After sating our hunger we were back on the road and, in what seemed like no time at all, back home.

Overall it was an enjoyable day. The rains held off, the weather was comfortable and people were pleasant. We all had fun and walked away with some great photos. To see member images from this event go to the following links;

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  1. Great article, just reading it makes me feel back there shooting great subjects. Thanks Duck.


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