Amateur mistake, professional embarrassment

Mistakes happen. They are unavoidable. Yet there is nothing like that 'duh' feeling when you make a rookie mistake. Take, for instance, this past weekend's photo shoot.

We had a wonderful weekend with two back-to-back events; one in Boston on Saturday and the second in the picturesque Litchfield Hills on Sunday. Wanting to travel light for Sunday's shoot I grabbed my camera and a single lens, a tripod and a monopod (since we were going to be photographing fire) and my flash. What I did forget was my sync cord for my flash (not a problem) and my extra memory cards (big problem).

Yeah, I hear you groaning with understanding. However, when you are an instructor and group moderator who is always telling members to, "don't forget your extra memory cards and batteries!", this mistake can be very embarrassing.

So, in closing, I will let you walk away with this lesson. Make sure you double and triple check your gear before walking out the door. Had this been a paying gig I can just imagine the anger and frustration from the customer.

Now I have to go sit in the corner with my dunce cap.


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