Monday, July 9, 2012

I'll be a monkey's uncle

What did one chimpanzee say to the other chimpanzee?

"Ooh, ooh, aah, aah!"

What did one photographer say while looking at his photos on the back of his camera?

"Ooh, ooh, aah, aah!"

And that's how we came by the term 'chimping'.
There are two schools of thought about chimping. It's looked on as either a form of cheating or as a form of editing. The difference is in your perspective.

For the beginner, it is a way validating their ability. There is so much to learn about photography that it is very easy to miss something, calculate wrong. Doubt creeps in and becomes a hinderance. A quick peek at the LCD screen and doubts are dispelled, corrections can be made and the photographic activity can continue.

For the pro, although they may outwardly show disdain for the practice, they all do it. It's a way of self-editing their work as they are creating it. Is the lighting right, is the model looking in the right direction, is the action being caught just right, is the story being told.

In any given shooting situation there are always too many variables that affect the photographer. Any of these can result in a ruined shot. The proverbial Murphy's Law if you will. By being able to monitor your progress you can adjust and modify your approach to the shooting situation and avoid potential problems.

So no matter what your point of view is, chimping is a byproduct of the digital age. You can use it to cheat or use it to edit but you will use it because it's there.

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