Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daffodils at Hubbard Park - a MPG meet up

Stephen, Warren, Vicki and Greg socialize during a break
With the wacky weather we have had recently it has really played havoc with the local flora. The beautiful lawns of yellow have been threaten with everything from early warm weather, frost, rain, snow... in other words, typical New England weather. Daffodils by nature have a short bloom time and the uncooperative weather had caused the timetable to shift so off kilter that the planned scheduled date had to be moved up in order not to miss the flowers in full bloom. With all that it ended up being a great day, if not a touch overcast and a bit chilly.

The park was gorgeous. The flowers were in full bloom and available in multitudes. That made picking good samples that much easier as the flowers were starting to show their decline. Unfortunately I don't think they will hold out until the weekend of the festival in two weeks. But then, there will be other things to photograph there.

Overall, the attendees had a fun time. We got a chance to get some really good images and some of us talked about gear for a while. Thank you all for another successful meet up.

Check out the event's photo album to view member photos from this meet up.

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