Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Multiplicity Self-Portrait - a MPG meetup

Sunday we met at the small and quaint Booth Memorial Park in Stratford. It's a great little park off the beaten track a stone's throw from the famed Sikorsky factory. The purpose of the meet up was to take a series of images that would later be assembled into a single image to create multiple clones of ourselves.

As with most of our meet ups, we went from serious photographer mode into a silly, joke cracking, carefree and fun time.

Fortunately for us,  most of the snow from the previous storm was almost completely gone. Personally, I was glad for it as I did not want to traipse around in that wet stuff. The air was crisp but tolerable and the sun offered enough warmth. As the day progressed some of us had to shed jackets it got so warm. The down side to that was that the sun was too bright, causing harsh shadows and heavy contrast.

We had a nice blend of new and old members, beginner and advanced shooters and various pieces of equipment to share. Ed Daly got creative with a nice large reflector and Vicki used her hat as a prop. My scarf also ended up being used as a prop as well. Diane and Sue Cart hit it of and the two of them got downright silly (ask Bill Dillane to show you the pics).

The grounds offered many great areas for shooting and we were able to spread out nicely without getting in each other's way. There were even some raucously scolding parrots in the trees overlooking the parking lot. I grabbed some shots and I know Greg Peel got some too.

We spent about 2 1/2 hours shooting then we headed out to Panera's for some lunch and a quick demo on how to assemble the multiple images into a single shot. To see the results of the day's workshop go to the Multiplicity Self-Portraits photo album on the meet up site.

Hope to see you at a future event.

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