Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday "My Photo Group"

Hard to believe that a year has come and gone as a photo group. So much has happened in that year that looking back it's amazing how fast this little group has grown.

I have to admit that I came into this with no real expectation. I just wanted to create a social avenue where like-minded individuals can come together to shoot, talk shop and socialize under the same umbrella. I didn't even have any cleverer idea for a name than "My Photo Group". I thought it was straight to the point and anyone who was a member would claim it by default whenever they talked about it, or as the byline says, "My Photo Group is your photo group."

"Honey, I'm shooting with my photo group today!"

"I wonder what my photo group has planned for this week end?"

How much more possessive can you get than that? While I had no specific format, I did want to book events that would appeal to me, figuring that others would find the same appeal. What I didn't realize was that the opposite would happen as well. So many great ideas and requests kept coming in that I found myself saying, "we can do that." So, in a way, my mind was broadened by the group.

Now we have a year under our belt and "My Photo Group" has seen a rapid growth in membership with an average of one to two people joining per week. Not bad. We also have added two new organizers who are knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with us.

Then there is the added bonus of having a great relationship with the Mid-CT Photography Meetup Group. Since there was such an overlap of members it only makes sense to share and pool resources. In my eyes, everyone benefits from that. I have to say that I personally have had a great time at many of their events. If you are not a member of Mid-CT I highly recommend joining them.

As we enter our second year I feel it is time to up the ante and take advantage of the rich resources available from through the members. I think that if we all pool our collective experience, motivation and connections this group can really make an impact in our communities. I have a ton of ideas and, judging form some of the feedback lately, so do many of our members. If we put even a tenth of those into play this year we will have tremendous fun. I can't wait.

So, to all of our members of my photo group who have decided to make it their photo group as wel, i wish you a happy birth day and (hopefully) many more to come.

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