Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven - a MPG meetup

Another event has passed us with rebounding success. Thanks to Pat who coordinated this with the cemetery association, we ended up with an educational tour of the grounds and a new understanding of some of the symbols found there.

Duck_181As an artist, whether it is drawing, crafting, photography or any other form, I think a wonderful side effect of creating art is the knowledge gained while doing research. This event did not disappoint in that regard.

Aside from a knowledgeable tour guide, we ended up with a beautiful day. Although a bit muggy at times, over all it was great. Fortunately for us all, the rains held off.

If you are ever in the area of New Haven, CT and can take the time to walk the grounds I would highly recommend it. It is amazing how much history there is in a cemetery. Take advantage of the free tours and afterwards head out into the city. Yale University is right outside the cemetery gates and that in itself is worthy of a day trip.

Check out the member photos from this event at My Photo Group.


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